We are moved.

The new home studio is up and running! Some aspects are still a work in progress, but work is still progressing.

Liz is definitely available during all scheduled classes, but has been known to run errands during non-scheduled times, so if you are planning to stop by please give her a call first.

Take care, and may we all have a good year! #sewblessed


LGS has moved!

With the lease almost up on the Grace & Monroe location, we’ve decided to move future classes to the following locations:

Main Location (for private lessons): 8707 N Wall St, Spokane WA 99218

Offsite Location (for camps, large groups, etc.): St. Gregorios Church, 1725 E Bridgeport Ave, Spokane, WA 99207

Pardon the mess while we settle into these new places, and if you have any questions about where a class is being held don’t hesitate to call Liz and ask.

Take care,


Welcome to Our New Website

Our first webmaster moved on about a year ago, so it’s high time that we had a website that was:

  1. Updated
  2. Accurate
  3. Easy to use
  4. Pleasant to look at

So we’ve moved to using WordPress and themes that better format our content for both computers and mobile devices.

If you find anything odd please comment below, though if the page in question says “Under Construction” don’t worry about it – we know.

That said, welcome and thanks for visiting our online doppelganger – have a great day!

~ Rebecca Pike
Part-Time Webmaster